Okay, WHAT IS A VE Session?  It is a name used to confuse NEW Hams before they can become Hams!

No, really, I have seen folks at almost every Ham Convention I have been to stand right in front of the V.E. sign (telling you where the test is located)

and ask "Where do I take my Ham test at ... No one bothered to explain that VE session and the test ARE the same thing.

A VE Session is a test session, for people to become Hams or for Hams to upgrade their licenses.

The VE refers to the great folks that VOLUNTEER (Volunteer Examiners)  their time to administer the tests

Classes and Tests are occasionally offered in the Llano/Burnet County area by the HLARC members

Watch this website for info on scheduled classes


For test sessions in Austin

The Austin/Round Rock area has several test sessions per month as well as new ham classes. These change frequently

Your best resource is a regional newsletter that is updated weekly by the Austin Amateur Radio Club

For test schedules and news about classes see: The swapnet newsletter on Austin ARC site