WinLink Page on HLARC


Riley W5RLY has a RMS Station operating on  145.030 MHz  as W5RLY-10

Check ins ...  Do not forget to check in via WINLINK to W5RLY and Dick W5TA ALSO List the Path you are using to check in via

script suggestion CONNECT W5RLY-10  OR CONNECT W5RLY-10 VIA K5HLA-1

OR for Dick (script suggestion CONNECT Dick W5TA-1 VIA K5HLA-1)

OR connect via W9BF-10

(script suggestion CONNECT W9BF-10 VIA K5HLA-1)

 There is also a Digipeater on 145.030 (k5hla-1) 

Click here For WINLINK - Click here to find out what Winlink is Do you know what WinLink is used for?

RMS Station operating on 145.030 MHz W5RLY-10 (thanks Riley)