WHAT IS APRS ... Automatic Packet Reporting System ... NOT just Position

Here is one explanation that shows it is more than just your Lon Lat (position) when using a Kenwood D700/D710/D7

The tracker alone does not allow you to observe at all. It is a transmit only device. The D700/D710/D7 are bi-directional devices that allow you to not only transmit APRS position reports, but to also observe and interact with others around you. You can also receive other types of information passed via the APRS network that include but are not limited to:

locations of fixed assets such as:
repeaters (including freq and PL)
people's houses
hamfest locations
eyeball QSO gatherings
traffic jams

locations of moving assets such as:
people driving (possibly who you are planning on meeting up with)

objects of various descriptions:
satellite passes
weather events

communication with others:
via text messaging on APRS
via email on APRS
via voice alerts
via status messages including voice frequencies

and much more.

None of this is observable on a tracker. Full blown APRS clients
running on laptops allow you do just about everything available in
APRS, the Kenwood units give you the ability to do most of the above
all in one small neat package.


Click here to  display APRS via Google Maps

As for information on APRS in general here are a few links:

WB4APR APRS Page http://eng.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/aprs.html

Official APRS Description http://eng.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/APRS-docs/APRS.TXT


Note: APRS is a registered TM of Bob Bruninga