So you have operated CW and SSB and PSK31 ... Want to try a different mode?

How about Slow Scan TV? 

If you have been running PSK31 the extra cost is ZERO $'s

Try MMSSTV the price is right click here for more information

In the next two weeks I will be adding step by step instructions on how to use this mode running this software.

My first SSTV exchange was last week and I exchanged photos with W2SY

in New York from my RV sitting in Wal-Mart's Parking lot running 30 watts on 20 m.

As I am able to get screen shots and post then here you can see what a Newbie's first contact looked like.

Input photo can be as simple as a snapshot from you lowest end digital camera or a piece of original "artwork" from your PC

Start with a 300X256 size jpg and go from there.


You will need:

  CQ SSTV photo

Signal Report Photo

Signoff photo

OR they can all be the same photo ... nothing fancy about it!


  1. Install MMSSTV, by running the install program.  (example assumes you are already setup with hardware for PSK31 type interface I use the SignaLink USB ... to avoid changing the soundcard setting on my PC)

  2. Size your picture or pictures 300X256 pixels and save WITH A NEW NAME (so you do not overwrite the old file)

  3. Run MMSSTV and go to the XXXX tab

  4. Select photo XXXXX

  5. Tune your transceiver to 14.230 (for this example on 20 meters)

  6. Set power as needed for SSB contact

  7. Call CQ SSTV

  8. After you reach someone on voice SET YOUR Transceiver's power somewhere in the 25 to 35 watt IF it can stand extended transmission at this power setting.

  9. Select the Transmit tab in MMSSTV software.

  10. Select Transmit and wait until it is finished

  11. Feedback on your transmission and maybe even some helpful hints will be coming your way ...

  12. Select Receive tab and when the other station(s) transmit the default settings will Automatically select the SSTV protocol in use.  Scottie seems to be the one most often seen ... this is based on my VAST experince of 2 QSO's and exchanges on SSTV :>)

  13. You will find the flow most often used, Example:Sending CQ, Send Signal report or sending signal report and an inset of what you received from them ..  NOTE Signal report is RSV format not RST

  14. When you enter the other stations call and info into the log area the templates will fill in with the entered info.

  15. HAVE FUN and LEARN ...