AMSAT Satellite Operations


With a handheld dual bander, running 5 watts you can operate via OSCAR satellites OR the ISS (International Space Station)

You need the following: HT Dual bander OR Mobile unit.  In either case a good antenna like an ARROW or full wave whip


You need to know the following:

When one is within "view" of you radio input your location via Lat Long or Grid Number

What the status of the satellites are

What Frequency is in use by the satellite(s) that you select AO-51 in this example 

Mode V/U (J) FM Voice Repeater: Operational
Uplink: 145.9200 MHz FM, PL 67.0 Hz.
Downlink 435.3000 MHz FM

See operating instructions for HT users

Remember to listen listen listen first ... be prepared with Grid Number and a way to record the call signs of contacted stations and their grid number.

Headset is nice due to listen on downlink and transmitting on uplink ... plus background noise on the ground.